Victorian Research Project 2021

Use NoodleTools for taking and organizing all notes and creating a bibliography.

  1. Remind yourself of these tips on smart searching
  2. Login to Noodletools to start a new project. Call it “Victorian Project 2021.”
  3. Use the default settings for “junior MLA.”
  4. As soon as you find a source you like, add it to Noodletools.

But first, let’s review how to:
summarize and avoid plagiarism and why, and when to quote a source directly using quotation marks.

Summarizing, Paraphrasing and Quoting

Next, remind yourself when you would want to paraphrase, and how to do it.

After researching and creating 10-16 notecards, you should be ready to begin writing your main, in-depth piece.

Use Victorian Research Outline.

Make an outline to organize all your research.


  • short paragraphs (2-4 sentences)
  • CITATIONS with every idea
  • POWERFUL, strong, persuasive, emotional word choice that will convince your reader that this problem needs to be stopped
  • Check out this word choice graph WORD CHOICE GRAPHING to remind you of the kinds of words to use and those to avoid.
  • Look over this glossary of British words to add authenticity to your article.